About Eastwestmed

Eastwestmed, Inc.,(EWM) with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, is a manufacturing and research company dedicated to the creation of advanced energy medical devices. EWM’s premier medical device, the Acutron Mentor, utilizes patented Microlight technology, and is the culmination of a line of devices continuously produced for 20 years. The Acutron technology obtained its first FDA Class II registration in 1988, and has maintained good standing with the FDA ever since.

“I continue to be astounded by the effectiveness of the Acutron Mentor.”
(Redondo Beach, CA)
“After becoming familiar your Acutron stimulator, I consider it to be an instrument of the highest order.”                           
- Nguyen Van Nghi, M.D., Director (French Review of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Marseilles, France)
“I've had just phenomenal results with the Acutron Mentor....You can use it for so many applications.”
-Margie Simmons-Stuper, Sports Medicine Therapist, (Mesa, AZ)
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