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Bell's Palsy / Acutron Mentor

Bilateral Rotator Cuff Tear / Acutron Mentor

Post-Operative Carpal Tunnel Release w/ Adhered Scar Tissue / Acutron Mentor

DDD cervical spine, myofascial pain below cervical paraspinals, upper traps
and levators, postural dysfunction, and disc protrusion C6 - C7 /
Acutron Mentor

Cervical-thoracic pain, trigger point dysfunction including
thoracic inlet/outlet syndrome /
Acutron Mentor

Compression fracture T3, 4, and 9 / Acutron Mentor

Fibromyalgia, HNP of C5 and C6 / Acutron Mentor

Fibromyalgia/myofascial pain C spine and upper trapezius with pain
radiating into dorsal aspect of upper extremity to forearm or hand,
parasthesia and "coldness" also in upper extremity /
Acutron Mentor

Fibromyalgia/myofascial pain C spine and upper trapezius / Acutron Mentor

Hamstring tears due to competitive running / Acutron Mentor

Hightone due to traumatic brain injury with spasticity and
hypertonicity /
Acutron Mentor

Chronic lateral epicondylitis / Acutron Mentor

Lumbar pain with radiation of symptoms into the lateral aspect of
the left extremities /
Acutron Mentor

Myofascial pain syndrome / Acutron Mentor

Myofascial pain, TMJ syndrome / Acutron Mentor

Occipital tension headaches / Acutron Mentor

Painful distal peripheral neuropathy associated with AIDS / Acutron Mentor

Rotator cuff tear / Acutron Mentor

Rotator cuff tendonitis / Acutron Mentor

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the upper extremities / Acutron Mentor

Sciatica, radiation of pain from lumbar spine into the
posterior aspect of the lower extremity /
Acutron Mentor

Stroke recovery, with left arm and shoulder and left leg pain
and disability /
Acutron Mentor

Temporal tension headaches / Acutron Mentor

TMJ pain/dysfunction / Acutron Mentor

Upper trapezius pain and muscle spasm / Acutron Mentor


microcurrent acupuncture - microcurrent therapies - microcurrent resources