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 New Heights of Success

The Acutron Mentor offers all the tools you need to bring your pain and injury practice to new heights of effectiveness and success. It incorporates the most versatile microcurrent therapy available:

• Six forms of interferential treatment
• Probes for specific point treatment
• Russian stimulation and much more

The unique integration of these modalities provided by the Acutron Mentor can offer superior results with difficult-to-treat patient conditions.

"I continue to be astounded by the effectiveness of the Acutron" -Jan Allen, L.Ac., Redondo Beach, CA


 Multiple Streams of Revenue

The unit will pay for itself quickly and become a significant profit center for your practice. Acutron Mentor owners throughout the U.S. have reported increased new patient referrals, attracting back former patients, providing access to new patient populations, and increasing insurance reimbursements

 Applicable For A Wide Range of Issues

The Acutron Mentor is suitable for a wide range of patients... from pro athletes with acute injuries to highly sensitive chronic pain patients, elderly and children.

 Easy to Use

There is no device that is easier to set up and operate. Preset treatments allow you to start using the Acutron Mentor right away, and the training and support you will receive is unparalleled.

 Never Obsolete, Always Current Technology

The Acutron Mentor is manufactured in Arizona, USA with quality components to strict standards of workmanship. Its design allows easy upgrades to future operating programs, thus avoiding obsolescence and ensuring long service life.

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Having the Acutron Mentor in your practice will increase your confidence and help you to be a better practitioner. That is something everyone can feel good about. Consider these facts, and ask yourself, "Can I afford NOT to have the Acutron Mentor in my practice?"

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“I continue to be astounded by the effectiveness of the Acutron Mentor”
(Redondo Beach, CA)
“After becoming familiar your Acutron stimulator, I consider it to be an instrument of the highest order.”                           
- Nguyen Van Nghi, M.D., Director (French Review of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Marseilles, France)
“I've had just phenomenal results with the Acutron Mentor....You can use it for so many applications.”
-Margie Simmons-Stuper, Sports Medicine Therapist, (Mesa, AZ)
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